Happy 4th of July!!!

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So grateful for this time of year!  What’s not to love about this holiday: Fireworks BBQs Throwing Snappers Watermelon Going out for breakfast Parades The Canon Shoot (it’s a Utah thing) Stadium of Fire (Best Fireworks show…once again a Utah thing) Family getting together Sunburns Be safe!! Em’s night could/should be eventful…she’s working in the […]

Out of Office – June 26-28 – Scout Camp

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You read correctly…I will be out of the office for a scout camp June 26-28.  During this time, I will have no email access or phone access.  I will respond to all emails and voicemails upon my return.  Wish me luck…it’s 4am and we’re hitting the road in 30 minutes!  Ahhh…

Wowsers…6 years ago this very day!

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It was a Friday morning just 6 years ago (seems seriously like yesterday) that Em and I tied the knot. I can vividly remember the day…it had poured the day prior and so we thought we would have rain on our wedding day, rather we had blue skies and lots of sun. Em and I […]

A weekend in Chicago

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Although my blog is primarily used to feature recent shoots, I really enjoy recording select pieces from my personal life here too.  It may be boring to most, but I will appreciate it down the line.  Although this post should have been made in April, here goes:  The weekend, prior to attending the Jerry Ghionis […]

Italy – Picture from Cinque Terre (AKA HEAVEN)

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Internet has been hit or miss lately, so I haven’t been able to post much.  For those of you wondering, I will be responding to emails and voicemails after my return on June 12th.  As for Em and I, we have just spent two wonderful days hiking the five towns built into the rocks known […]

Italy – A Few Shots for the Weekend

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It’s rare that I post shots of me on here, but Em got some good ones.  We have spent the last three days in Rome and are headed to Florence in a couple hours.  This trip has been amazing thus far!  Here are some shots from the Spanish steps as well as the Roman Forum […]

Italy – Picture from Day one

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Ciao! So despite being a bit jetlagged, we just got our first full night’s rest here in Italy.  We spent yesterday in Rome and will be here for two more full days.  Our hotel freaking rocks!  The food is amazing! This city is gorgeous!  My camera is in love! We are having such a great […]

Off to Italy!!!! Gone from June 1 -11

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As a graduation present for Emily becoming a Doctor,  we are headed to Italy for the next 10 days.  We’ll be visiting Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, and Florence.  We plan on having an adventure!  During this time, I may have little or no email access.  Please be patient as I will return emails and voicemails […]

Check out the new blog! Subscribe or update your RSS

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As a new chapter in my life begins, I have started a new blog.  I have made the shift from Blogger to WordPress for my blogging needs, the address remains the same at http://blog.johnsharpephotography.com.  However, the subscription fee or RSS has been changed If you have been using a link with http://johnsharpephotography.blogspot.com address, update your […]

Tied Down – A new Chapter in Life

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Ten years ago, the photo below, entitled “Tied Down” was taken for a project in my AP art class.  (Techie side note: Shot on Kodak TMAX 3200 film) At that time, I was a photography “freak”.  I was passionate about this hobby, I had a vision, and thought I had found my calling in life.  […]